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    How Organized is Your Office Quiz

    In my experience as a Professional Organizer, I find that most people really believe that when I walk into their office it will be the biggest mess I have ever seen. They canít fathom the idea that someone elseís space is in worse shape than theirs. When they visit the offices of their business associates they see neat, organized spaces and they assume their associates are more organized and efficient.

    Well, truth be told, appearances can be deceiving. Most offices have at least one black hole. Your associates just arenít letting you see that space. The reality is that more than half of the people I work with need only a few areas of their offices worked on. There are very few people that need their whole office redone. Most people are in better shape than they think they are. They just canít see the answer because theyíve been looking at the problem for too long.

    So where do you fit in? Take this quiz and find out. This quiz will help you decide where you might need help and where you are already successful. For each statement, answer:
    A = Always B = Sometimes C = Never
    1. I can find what Iím looking for.
    2. I open and deal with the mail daily.
    3. My bills get paid on time.
    4. I enjoy working in my office and I can work at my desk because it is clean and orderly.
    5. I USE a calendar or reminder system.
    6. I get overwhelmed and distracted when I try to organize.
    7. It is easy for me to decide where things should be in my office.
    8. It is easy for me to throw things away when I donít need them any longer.

    Mostly Aís: You are organized and efficient. The only help you might need would be a discussion of what you have in place to see if another perspective could make you even more productive. This can be accomplished with a
    20 Minute Problem Solving Strategy Session.

    Mostly Bís: You are organized in some areas and could use some help in others. This can be accomplished through coaching or hands on help. You would benefit from a 60 Minute Office Organizing Makeover.

    Mostly Cís: You need help in most of the areas of your office. This can be done through coaching or hands on help. You would benefit from productivity coaching or organizing services.

    Please make sure you take advantage of your free consultation before you select any of my programs. It is very important to me that you are in the program that will best fulfill your organizing and productivity needs. I want you to get everything I am promising you out of your work with me.

    I look forward to working with you. Happy Organizing!
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