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    20 Minute Problem Solving Strategy Session

    Sign up for a 20-Minute Problem Solving Strategy Session with me. This call is JAM PACKED with information about how to solve one specific organizing challenge or issue you are dealing with in your business.
    I am talking about PERSONAL attention from me...

    ...serious time on the phone, one-on-one getting lots and lots of detailed and focused time. Let me be your brutally honest friend that really gets to the bottom of your overwhelm and helps you to put together a strategy for your efficient, productive office. I will ask you several questions pertaining to the frustration you're feeling and we will come up with a solution for one of your issues. Our work together really can change your life and your bottom line. Starting today.

    Once I receive your request I will send you a form to fill out so that I have the information I need so you get the most out of your Session.

    “My income is increasing all the time and I owe much of it to you and your organizational support and coaching! And all from a 20-minute session---
    you are on point!”

    Organizing my office and home has been integral to gaining more clarity in my business. I have developed simple systems for staying organized and keeping up with clients. These new systems have helped me sign up more clients in the past month than in the past six months previous!

    I feel so confident that I can handle more business now that I have organized systems in place and my back account reflects that. The greatest part was that I could feel your presence and support with me the entire way. I am amazed at this long-distance organizational helping hand.
    Thank you so much!

    professional organizer

    Summer Bock
    Olympia, WA
    Holistic Nutrition
    Counselor & Herbalist

    virtual organizing virtual organizer

    "Beth is so personable and easy to work with. In as little as twenty minutes, she was able to understand my dilemma and assist me in creating organization and order in my former jungle of emails."

    By working with Beth, I now have a new format for keeping my emails organized. Keeping my emails in check gives me more time to work on important tasks to make my own business productive instead of getting bogged down with unnecessary time wasters, like an overflowing inbox.

    Thanks Beth!

    Michelle Weimer, MA, CC
    Holly, CO
    Lone Tree Life Coaching, LLC

    Results You Can Expect…

    • A specific solution to the organizing challenge of your choice
    • Ideas for how to prevent this issue in the future
    • Understand what you need to think about to figure out how to address your issues
    • Confidential, personalized attention to your situation and needs
    This is the right program for you if...
    • You have a specific problem that is holding you back from making progress in your business
    • You want to see how I work and get an idea of how I can help you
    • You want to get an idea of how I can help you in all areas of your office
    • You want to brainstorm solutions to a particular issue
    • You want ideas on how to solve particular challenge in your business

    “You inspired me to get to work on my organizing project because your recommendations were simple and made a lot of sense.”

    We have just finished our “20-minute Problem Solving Session” and I am very excited. You gave me some new ideas that will clear the clutter in several of the problem areas very quickly and with little effort. I can see in my mind those areas cleared of clutter and I already feel my creativity coming back. Most of all I greatly appreciate your kind, gentle manner. You make a seemingly daunting task, very easy to approach. Thanks a million!

    office organization

    Edith Oliva
    Lauderhill, FL
    English-Spanish Translator
    State Consortium Qualified
    Court Interpreter
    Language Instructor

    Get started today! Sign up for your 20-Minute Problem Solving Strategy Session and in 20 minutes you'll walk away with clear and practical answers to your specific challenge or issue. I will be giving you specific strategies, tips, ideas, and advice that you can apply immediately to reduce your overwhelm.

    When you have your 20-minute Problem Solving Strategy Session, it will be recorded and you will receive that recording via email within 2 business days.
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    Please note: You will also receive a free subscription to my e-zine, Answers From the Organizer™ included with your 20-minute ‘Problem Solving Strategy Session’.

    "My 20 minute session with Beth was great."

    Just the act of gathering information she needed for the call was a great benefit to me. I learned that with a few tweaks here and there the "little" systems I have in place now will serve me well for some time to come.

    As my business grows I will definitely check back in with Beth to keep the "wheels of the bus" moving smoothly.

    Thanks Beth!

    Ed Toups
    New Orleans, LA
    Office Ready, LLC

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